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2014 Synergy Men's Hybrid Full Sleeve

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Product Reviews

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  1. Super stretchy!

    Posted by John Gomez-Simmons on 1st Oct 2015

    Great suit! Synergy really did a fantastic job with it. Not sure whether or not I ordered a size too small, but still works and makes me keep my shoulders and back in proper alignment. I just have super broad shoulders..... still, it's more me than the suit!

  2. VERY FAST!!!!

    Posted by Josh Petersen on 7th Jul 2015

    I set a PR in my new Hybrid in my first swim. Lake Washington Mile.
    I am 172 lbs / 6ft and got a size M2.

  3. Feels like a second skin!

    Posted by Larry on 24th Jun 2014

    Used my new hybrid in Lake Tahoe yesterday on a 3 mile swim. It felt like a second skin. Great flexibility in the shoulders and arms with the ability to get full extension on each stroke. Water temp. about 62-63 degrees but would not know it in this suit. Minimal water got into suit given great fit. Buoyancy was great and well balanced. I sized up a size per chart as I'm long in the torso, short in the legs, and have big chest/shoulders. Good thing as this suit could not be smaller and still fit me. Challenging to get zipper up by myself but easy/peasy with a buddy zipping me up. I expect this will get easier as I lose a little more belly fat. Otherwise pretty easy to get on and real easy to get off.

  4. nice

    Posted by BG on 4th Jun 2014

    Felt good and slid right on. I used wax but I think it didn't really need it as the neck area is so smooth. over all good fit. best to train in before using straight out of box for a race

  5. Very comfortable, excellent suit!!

    Posted by Carlos on 24th Jul 2013

    This is the only wet suit I have ever worn or tried on. I was a little worried to order something online without trying it on but I couldn't be happier with this suit. I tried it for the first time on race day and I was very surprised how buoyant this made me. I had no chafing or red marks, neck line was very smooth and comfortable. I would recommend this suit to anyone.

  6. My first tri wetsuit. EXCELLENT!!!

    Posted by S Cousin on 28th Jun 2013

    This is the first and only triathlon wet suit I've owned or worn. But I am so in love with it. I'm a newbie swimmer, in the pool my legs sink (and so do I). Put on the Hybrid and the bouncy is amazing. My legs stay up, I float on the top of the water. It is SO MUCH more effortless to swim. I can glide more and worry less about sinking (although I will continue to work on that).

    When doing freestyle I can actually forget that I'm wearing it. My upper body has full range of motion.

    I did a ton of research on suits prior to purchase and set aside $600 to get a good suit. But in the end the Synergy Hybrid was the best suit at the best price. Highly recommend.

  7. I didn't believe it!!

    Posted by Daniel Martin on 13th May 2013

    I can only compare this suit to what I have which is a b70 Helix. Little small for me so I ordered the M1. First swim I could tell it was more flexible than my other suit. It let a little more water in than I like, but I was doing flip turns in the pool. My first impressions were that it was okay, but not sure much better than the B70. Used my B70 the next day same distance and I was 2 minutes slower in it than the Synergy suit. Time and speed trumps all with the same effort so I am sold. I didn't feel like I was that much faster, but the clock doesn't lie. This suit is also very buoyant. It also comes off very easy. So overall because of the speed versus a very good suit, I am impressed and would recommend it.

  8. Better than the rest

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2013

    By far the best suit I have worn. I got it a few days ago and have had a chance to swim in it twice. I cant believe how much faster it is compared to my old B70 Helix. I read the reviews on Synergy on slow twitch and everyone seems so happy with their suits. Now I know why.

  9. Great suit

    Posted by Christopher M on 18th Apr 2013

    This suit is amazingly flexible. It fit me perfectly (165 lbs and 5.9 in a size M1). It helped me get balanced in the water and cut my swim time over a mile by nearly 10 minutes compared to swimming without this wetsuit. I am super impressed and very happy with my new suit.

  10. outstanding

    Posted by Holister on 3rd Apr 2013

    this is an outstanding suit at a great value. I saw the video and recognized my buddy.. nothing like a friends recommendation.
    the customer service was excellent too.

  11. Fastest wetsuit ever!

    Posted by Jeremy Hunt on 30th Mar 2013

    I have to share that this suit is the fastest TRI wetsuit EVER! I am blown away by how flexible and buoyant it is and how well it fits. Easy to get into and out of.
    Thanks for the upgrade!

  12. Freakin amazing

    Posted by Eric H, San Diego on 9th Mar 2013

    This is a hell of a fast suit. I feel bad sharing this with potential competitors but the suit deserves a thumbs up. I do t know why more pros aren't using this suit because it is way faster than any high end suit that I have ever tried or owned.

  13. Can't beat the Quality or the Price!

    Posted by Pete Etcheverry on 11th Dec 2012

    I just got the Synergy Hybrid Tri Wet Suit. This company is the best. They take the time to assure you have what you need. Excellent customer service. This is the 3rd wetsuit our family has purchsed from this website. You're a fool to shop elsewhere. Thank-you so much...we'll be back.


    Posted by Ethan Kerry on 19th Oct 2012

    You guys got to be kiddin me! This is the FASTEST suit I have EVER!!! tried! I PR'ed in my first swim and just won my first race ever using this suit!!!

  15. awesome!

    Posted by Steven on 17th Oct 2012

    i ordered the endorphin, but got this suit! I am blown away at how awesome the suit fits and how amazing it performs. My last tri I almost won just because of the drastic change in swim time! Thanks guys!

  16. Fast!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2012

    Very boyant. Feels great and easy on and off.

  17. VERY, VERY FAST!!!!

    Posted by Spencer on 22nd Jul 2012

    Not sure that I should share this with my "copmpetition", but this is one hell of a fast suit! Sooo much more buoyant than my previous suits!!!

  18. Great

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jul 2012

    Love it!

  19. Best suit I have ever tried!

    Posted by Kevin on 19th Jun 2012

    If you are looking to break your PR or put some minutes on your competition, this is the answer!

  20. Perfect

    Posted by Al Spencer on 16th Jun 2012

    I am completely blown away by this suit. I got it about a week ago and decided right away to share my experience with anyone who would listen. The suit is so buoyant and flexible that I broke my PR twice in one week!!!

Showing reviews 1-20 of 31 | Next

Warranty Information

Synergy products are built to last. Our products are fully warranted against any defect or fault that is a direct result of manufacture, material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year. SynergyÌ´Ì_ÌÎ̴̝åÈs lifetime warranty allows the end-user to send in their used product for a replacement at 30% under MSRP at any time. At our discretion we will repair or replace any item that is deemed faulty. We do not cover defects due to misuse, improper care or general wear and tear. Thank you for your purchase.

Product Videos

How to know if your triathlon suit is too small 01:58

When putting on a triathlon wetsuit that is too small there are certain things to look for that tells you that the suit is too small. If you are in doubt this video will help you determine if your suit is too small.

  • How to know if...
    When putting on a triathlon wetsuit that is too small there ar...
  • How to know if...
    A quick video showing what to look for if you think your triat...
  • How to put on ...
    How to properly put a triathlon wetsuit and fit it to your body.
  • How to quickly...
    Step by step instruction in how to properly get out of your tr...
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Product Description

The all new 2014 Hybrid EFX is nothing less than the highest performance triathlon wetsuit produced to date. Used by no less than 2 ITU World Champions and 4 Olympians, the Hybrid EFX sets the bar for high performance swimming wetsuits. With unprecedented buoyancy due to the latest 4th generation of Aerodome Rubber along with the exclusive and incredibly flexible SyPrene, this suit facilitates the most rapid and energy efficient swim performance.

  • The AquaLift glide panel wraps around the sides to maximize buoyancy.Exclusive 4th Generation Yamamoto Aerodome smoothskin throughout entire front and wraps around the sides for superior buoyancy. AquaLift panels are designed to balance your body for maximum efficiency.All seams are chemically bonded, triple stitched and all junctions are heat taped making Synergy one of the best made wetsuits on the planet. By triple stitching and heat taping our suit, we know that it will last much longer than other triathlon wetsuits.
  • All seams are chemically bonded, triple stitched and all junctions are heat taped making Synergy one of the best made wetsuits on the planet. By triple stitching and heat taping our suit, we know that it will last much longer than other triathlon wetsuits.
  • Ultra soft and flexible low mock neck for unprecedented comfort and ease in breathing. By placing the the neck panel low, most chafing is eliminated and a comfortable seal is established.
  • BioAlign panels curb “snaking”. Snaking is one of the most common issues for inefficient swimmers, but Synergy wetsuits are designed to help align the swimmers spine and position for optimum performance.
  • Quick grab tab provides easy reach to open the suit in transition. The fold under the closure also doubles as a “pocket” to store the lanyard during the swim so it doesn’t get in the way of your stroke.
  • Multistretch liner insures maximum flexibility. Triple stiched seams are bonded and sealed for durability. Torso lining is designed for maximum insulation. Our multistretch liner has quality and workmanship throughout.
  • The HiFlex panels in the arms, shoulders and upper chest are made entirely from SyPyrene SuperFlex which is the most flexible neoprene available. SyPyrene is also extremely durable making it optimal for triathlon and the rough and tumble of fast transitions.
  • Internal zipper eliminates drag. Only the highest quality zipper is used in all Synergy wetsuits and they are designed to withstand corrosion and snagging. The internal design creates a seal that further reduces water entry.
  • Large adjustable velcro patch provides a more custom fit. Not all necks are the same size and without the ability to adjust the neck closure just right, chafing and discomfort is certain. Synergy wetsuits have designed the largest and most adjustable neck closure with aqua-velcro for a perfect custom fit.
  • The Synergy Hybrid comes in 16 sizes to insure a perfect fit. All Synergy suits are Ironman approved, ITU approved, USAT approved and FINA open water approved. 
  • 30-Day Swim test
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • *Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
*Return your wetsuit to exchange for a new one at 50% off retail price
  • While sizing is a matter of both height and weight, your weight is the most determining factor. Please refer to the size chart for choosing your correct size.
  • Any wetsuit may not feel comfortable for a first time user. The key to comfort is in understanding the difference between snug and too restrictive.
  • Triathlon wetsuits are made of an advanced wetsuit rubber that is supposed to act like a second skin. Hence it’s supposed to be tight on the body. The advanced rubber allows for comfort and extreme flexibility.
  • The wetsuit should be skin tight (more so than other wetsuits), but NOT restrictive. It will feel very tight when dry, but once you are in the water and moving around, it will loosen considerably.

Check out some "How To" Videos provided by Synergy Wetsuits:

How to Know if your triathlon wetsuit is too small: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=setFmRQZ80M&feature=plcp

How to know if your triathlon wetsuit is too big: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8je_1CAOD6s&feature=context-cha

How to put on a Synergy triathlon wetsuit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB92Yca0zIU&feature=context-cha

How to quickly exit a triathlon wetsuit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCzjh2wq2S4

With the highest performance level of any wetsuit ever produced, the Hybrid is a no-compromise suit. With unprecedented buoyancy thanks to the latest generation of Aerodome Rubber, this suit facilitates the most rapid and energy efficient swim to get you out of the water and ahead for the win.


 Size chart